A Simple Phone Call Changes The Life Of A Troubled Teen. So INSPIRING!

Dawn and Brad Bailey and their three children were a complete family. The couple had no intention of adopting a foster child. During the Thanksgiving of 2015, a series A Place To Call Home was aired on the local television. The program shed light on the adoption process.

The series featured a 15-year-boy. The boy, Chase, spent most of his life in a foster home. The boy experienced neglect and abuse. Chase hoped he would find a home before he got too old for the system.

Years went by, and Chase was still homeless.

The friends of Bailey mentioned Chase’s case to the couple. The couple watched the touching episode and felt the need to adopt the boy.

Haley, the adoption specialist, received a call from the couple. As usual, Haley did not give much importance to the call. She expected the couple to withdraw the case.

It turns out Bailey’s call was different. It was a miracle and answered prayer for Chase.

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