A Slider Will Steal From You If You Don’t Do This At A Gas Station. Beware!

Things are happening in this country, one of which is the new breed of “sliders.” These are the guys who’ll slide through your car door on the other side and steal your belongings from the car while you’re busy filling up the tank at a gas station. Baffling, you say?!

It’s true. Security cameras at various gas stations in Florida and even Kentucky have captured these acts many times. These crooks are too smart to get themselves into a confrontation with the car owners, so they make sure to “slide” in and out before you get back into the car. But there’s a bright side!

To say the truth, such a thief will steal from you only if the car door is not locked, meaning that you can keep the crook away if you keep the doors and windows locked when not in the car. Perfect solution!

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