A Special Way From The Neighbors To Show Care For Charlie And His Dogs! You’ll Love It!

In 2014, Charlie, an elderly neighbor living in tight-knit Texas community was struggling with his dogs to get a walk around the block.

Since Charlie was diagnosed with leukemia, talking a walk with his two Yorkshire terriers, became part and parcel of his daily routine. This was the only way to get to socialize with his neighbors and also to exercise, while Sandra, his wife was away working. One day, something unexpected happened.

In the neighborhood, a chair was left by one of his neighbor’s in the front yard with some special message dedicated to Charlie and his dogs.  The humble but very moving gesture blew Charlie away. Not even when Charlie came to know of it, dozens of chairs were lined all near Charlie’s home for ten years. His wife Sandra said that that symbolized the love that the neighbors had for them. Neighbors even went ahead to leave an extra chair for Sandra and a bowl of water for the two dogs. Often, when Charlie sat down, landowners could take some time and talk to him.

Charlie confessed that this kind of gesture makes one think of how some people out there care about others and are always willing to help. At the age of 64 years, Charlie passed away. The chairs that used to be left out for him, now were filled with flowers and love messages.

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