A Student Was Given A Special Assignment, What He Ends Up Doing? I’m All Teary!

Ask around, and everybody will tell you that man has never met a better friend than a dog. It’s all in history, and you can also attest to that fact by just looking at the current relationship between humans and these good canines.

It’s for this good logic that one student chose to produce a special film to cover for their assignment. The film is about the friendliness and the often intense companionship this loved animal species offers the human society.

Watching the clip, I believe it’s okay to describe this kind of thing as very deeply emotional and extremely heart-tugging. You just have to witness what these two species share, and you’ll be reaching for the tissues pretty fast. It’s that deep!

Click play and watch the full incredible film that’ll be sure to keep you at the far edge of your seat. You’ll agree that every friend you have needs to see this, and that’s why you’re going to SHARE this nice video with all your Facebook buddies. Also drop us a comment and tell us about your experience with a friendly canine. Cool!


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