A Surprise Guest Is Introduced On Stage, Then Things Get Really Hot. Must Watch!

David Foster is one smart guy. During his one-night concert on the 23rd of May, 2008, he did something that has left a big mark.

During the concert, Foster invited some cool talents to sing along with him on the stage. He invited Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, and even Michael Buble.

As Buble started out on “Home,” Foster’s hit song, Foster stops him, and then Buble goes ahead to unveil the most awesome surprise a concert has ever seen. He invites someone special to belt out the lyrics along with him, and that someone was truly special.

The great country singer, Blake Shelton!

Now, these two guys can make quite a lovely duet. One sure thing about them is that they’re handsome, with some really impressive vocals to match it.

Michael brings some swagger into the mix, and Blake throws in some country accent. The result is one of the greatest and well blended duets you’ll ever listen to.

You have to watch this and prove for yourself. Because this will blow your mind, you’ll seriously consider clicking that SHARE button and letting your Facebook friends have some fun too!

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