A Teenager Shaves Off His Long Hair As A Way To Respect His Late Grandfather- Incredible!

We all have and live by a particular style- from dressing to walking. However, there comes a time when we need to change our style. It is as a result of various reasons- some of which asserts to inspiration from other individuals. Worth nothing is, when we stick to a particular style, it, in turn, becomes part of us. Here is a clip that will move you.

The clip kicks off, with its first moments illustrating Mario, a youth, who has spent five solid years growing his epically long hair.  However, Mario outshines other individuals who are known to spend a single year or more on their distinct hairdos.

Besides, Mario has also been steering away from sheers specifically for a heartwarming reason. Mario narrates that he has opted to shave his long hair as a donation to Locks of Love. Mario explains that the love is extended to his grandfather who died 12 years ago as a result of cancer.

On top of that, Mario plans to do this again after five year- it will act as an attribute to his grandmother. Similarly, his grandmother died after an attack from cancer. In line with this radical transformation, Mario feels super emotional as he is nearing the barber shop.

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