A Touching Ad By Budweiser To Honor The 9/11 Victims. A Moment Of Silence!

For those who remember, then they will agree with me that the first Budweiser advertisement featuring Clydesdales was put on air in 1967.

From my point of view, the horses in the ad are symbolic just as the bear. This means that the commercials are similar to the Super Bowl Sundays’ ad, the American pastime. It can be certain that you don’t remember the following commercial because it was put on air only once, and that is in 2002.

Budweiser never wanted to make money from the ad. This was the reason why it only appeared once on air. The aim was to pay tribute to the ones who died in the September 11th attacks, and the horses did an amazing tribute.

If you watch the clip below of the ad, you will realize that the commercial was refashioned in 2011, the year that the 10th anniversary was celebrated, as you can clearly see the Freedom Tower in the clip. This too was to pay tribute to the ones who died on that dark day.

Now we are in 2015, and it’s already our 14 anniversary since the horrific attacks occurred. We still suffer from pain of that fateful day.

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