A Tough Man Walked On Stage And Said Something That Brought An Entire Middle School To Tears!

Middle school is such a hard time for everyone. Young
teenagers can be extremely hard to motivate and inspire. They
don’t want to be treated like kids anymore but they are still
far from mature and responsible.

That’s why Marc Mero, a former professional wrestler, decided
to speak to them. Through his life, Mero devoted all his
passion and time to spread a message of hope, positivity and
to help those young students make healthy choices in their
lives. While he was speaking, he told them about his past with
his mother and what he wishes he would’ve done differently.
Powerful is simply an understatement. Mero urged the students
not to push their parents away. “I would slam my door on the
one person who believed in me,” he said.

His speech about motherly love and redemption is a must watch,
but be warned . . . You’ll need a box of tissues by the end.

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