A Tourist Had A Great Day Viewing The Cheetahs In The Wild, When This Happened…

The tourists in this truck could not believe what they saw. The truck was about to start moving from where they had stopped to watch several cheetahs in their natural habitat. They had not noticed the little cabs that had sneaked and hidden under truck. They had climbed over the tires and hidden in the spacious area below the mudguard. When the driver switched on the truck’s engine, suddenly the cabs realized that time was up. They however did not want to alight immediately. The driver was therefore forced to wait for them to climb down.

The mother cheetah was also close by; she was sitting on top of the truck, looking around for prey. It is so adorable watching them looking innocent and cute. Cheetahs are among the few animals that are both liked by tourists and considered to be in danger. There is huge competition for food which puts a lot of pressure on the mothers as they try to feed their cabs.

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