A Vehicle Stopped Near A River And What Happened Next Made Me Cry. So Unacceptable!

The evil that exists within us is sometimes inexplicable. For instance, how does someone decide to throw a cat into water? That’s exactly what happened when a vehicle stopped near a ‘Little Blue River.’ That shocked those who happened to be nearby and without wasting any time, they decided to act immediately.

It was not the easiest rescue since fire firefighters had to be called. How does a man express such an inhumane act? Had it been not for those who were around, the cat will have drowned and lost its life.

Once the cat was thrown into the water, it swam against the current until it was able to find a branch where it climbed onto until the firefighters arrived to rescue it. After the rescue, they ended up naming the cat ‘Scuba Steve.’

According to those who were there, ‘Scuba Steve,’ reacted warmly after being rescued and as we speak he is ready to find a loving home.

The video below features the rescue mission and it’s something which will make you shed tears. Please SHARE the clip to take part in discouraging those who are not compassionate towards animals!


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