A Veteran Thanks A Soldier At The Airport. Moments Later, He Discovers Something Weird!

I am sure that you would salute a soldier with different cross medals, service ribbons, special citation and an honorary badge. That’s the same case in this video. Soldiers have always devoted their lives to serve the nation and it’s quite obvious that one would not see it as a big deal to show them respect. What if you stand and shake his hand and give him a standing ovation just to find out later that he was just a con? How would you really feel?

I know it sounds bad; the case is not different in this clip. The “officer” seemed to be acquainted with the military and veterans procedures. A soldier confronts him later and realizes that there is something fishy going on. He demands to see his identity card. This where things went wrong since he was unable to answer the very basic questions a soldier is familiar with. He presented his id which had fake names. This imposter was a woman trying to impersonate a soldier. You really need to watch how the whole thing went down!

What’s your opinion concerning this woman’s behavior? Let us know in the comments’ section below.

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