A Wonderful Story About A Woman With Her 2-Foot Husband, What A Couple!

For sure, true love has no boundaries, no distance and no reason. True love brings people together and makes them live happily forever. When an individual decides to marry a person who has mental and physical imperfections or a handicap person, other people will always bring accusations. Many people have it in mind that loving and marrying someone with abnormalities is something that can be questioned.

What such people do not understand is the fact that love can never be measured by one’s physical appearance. If you have any doubts, see this lady by the name Mindle Kniss. She is happily married to her husband called Sean Stephenson, who is a two- foot and eight inches tall. Surprisingly enough, the two of them are motivational speakers. They met through a friend and got married in the year 2012. The two of them live happily in Chicago.

People have always ridiculed this happy married couple particularly the internet trolls. People have it in mind that Sean can never satisfy Mindle sexually. Surprisingly enough, Mindle accepts that her husband is one of the most romantic people she has ever come across.

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