Adopted Blind Deer Brings Hope To Her Foster Family. A Must Watch!

The following incredible story happened back in 2004. Dillie, a blind and sick deer was taken to a vet. While there, she was able to regain her health with the good care they gave her. During the healing process, she became like a kid to them, as they got used to giving her candies and also she had her personal room in a house found at Canal Fulton, Ohio.

Dillie was a very charming animal as she would be playing at the compound, feeding herself or sleeping in the bedroom

From the time Dillie captured the attention of the national media, a woman by the named Melanie Buera, who is fighting cancer, has been able to write a book of her interaction with Dillie. The title of the book is Dillie The Deer, which talks about family, healing and love, more so the connection that exists between the animals and humans.

There have been very exceptional reviews of the book where one of the readers said that the book helps in building up the lost faith and kindness in one, and a true lover of Flora and Fauna won’t lose the chance of reading it.

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