After A Serious Injury, He Surprises People When He Did The Least Expected!

When Chris Norton got an injury while playing football in 2010, he was told that he will never walk again. The probability that he could move the body below the neck was 3%. Surprisingly enough, he did a lot of therapy and within 4 years he was able to move.

In the clip below, we see Chris being helped to walk on stage by Emily, her girlfriend, during graduation day at his college. To the rest, it seems like he is walking like a tortoise, but to him it’s as if he is running a marathon, because of all he underwent to be able to walk. To say the truth, his achievement in walking, can be very sentimental when you watch it.

Since he incurred the injuries while playing at an NCAA event, his medical insurance was the one that covered most of his medical bills. If it were not for the insurance, the elevated bill could not have been paid by him. Later, he founded the Spinal Cord Injury (SCICAN) Project, what which assists unable people to pay for the neuromuscular therapies.

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