After Building This Epic Luge Course For His Kids, He Deserves All The Applaud

The cold season is a real drag to the grown-ups. Imagine the hassle of defrosting car windows and shoveling the ice off the sidewalk! However, for the little ones, it is nature’s playground for them.

One dad had a creative idea. He cleaned his yard and created a 300-foot luge course.

The video below shows the man’s wife explaining how her husband created the 300 feet snow luge. The couple has 15 children whom they love dearly. Family comes first to them. The snow-luge creation has been a family tradition for over 15 years.

The family is grateful for their bigger backyard. They have more space to create a longer snow luge.

Wow! I love that family. The children do not mind the chilly weather as they slide on snow.

Watch the video below to get the full story. I think the kid’s father deserves the “Dad of the Year” award. We hope the other dads borrow a leaf from him.

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