After Daughter Was Bullied At School, Dad Did This And It’s So Cute!

Bullying here in America seems to be sailing in the crest of the wave. I can’t deny being bullied in my time when I was a school boy. Since the establishment of social media, it has helped bullying to spread at an alarming rate.

Sometimes back, when you finished studying, it meant that the bulling was over. But since in current generation all is done on internet, it seems that all that has gone to the next level.

Kids are bullied from when they are traveling to school, while at school and back before they retire to bed. All this is possible by the help of the computer.

In the video below, we see a father very troubled when she is told by her daughter that she had been bullied while at school. For this dad to demonstrate the love he has for her daughters, he decides to compose a poem that speaks of how adorable they are.

The poem later was turned into a hip hop song called “Love Yourself,” where all the family members participated! Khari Toure, is not new in the internet, as he has already released a song that was describing the beauty of his friend, and the song became very popular overnight.

Listen to the lyrics of the song and watch it too. Comment in the section below so that this little girl can know that she is pretty. Please SHARE this video to all friends on Facebook!


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