After His Daughter Was Terrorized By Racist Bullies Online, He Did Something You Must See!

Many people still hold horrible memories of high school, especially those who have experienced bullying. Bullying, whether it is physical or verbal, it is a real problem in our schools and has negative impacts on the students. In addition with the social media that is now becoming a huge part of many teen’s lives, we are not surprised to see cyber bullying increasing.

Please note: this video contains extremely racist language.

Brad Knudson, a Minnesota native has an adopted daughter who has been bullied by her classmates because of her African American race. At one night, while she was enjoying her time with friends, she started receiving hateful videos via Snapchat, a video messaging app, from her classmates. Her parents, being protective, they decided to put an end to this unaccepted behavior.

After many failed attempts to reach the bullies’ parents, Brad chose to speak up for his beloved daughter against those racist bullies. He couldn’t show but anger and hurt while telling everything and how he feels. Hopefully, just two days after his video was posted, it was reported that the father of those bullies has lost his job. I hope this will teach him a lesson.

Bullying needs to stop, and we hope this story is heard by as many people as possible. So, please SHARE it with your friends and family!


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