After Saving Grandma from Cruel Attack, The Navy Vet Never Saw This Coming… Unbelievable!

One afternoon in 2014, security footage filmed a young man who was trying to attack a 76-year –old woman. The woman was in the parking lot at a Florida grocery store when someone tried to steal her purse.

The people nearby paid no attention. However, one man decided to intervene. Kendrick Taylor, a Navy veteran, heard the woman scream and felt the need to defend her. Kendrick ran after the thief and tackled him to the ground before the police arrived.

Kendrick was going to the gym before turning into a superhero. Kendrick’s kind and selfless act did not go unnoticed. He received The Medal of Merit from the sheriff in Orange County. Additionally, Ellen invited him to her show.

Ellen had a bag of surprises for the kind-hearted Navy Veteran. The best one was when Ellen presented a special guest to the young man. As expected, Kendrick was shocked beyond speech. The look on his face was priceless.

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