After Watching This Video, I Will Never Use My Snow Shovel Again! This Is So Genius!

Snow and ice may look beautiful from inside of your own house.  However, If you are used to heavy snowfall during the winter, you would probably find shoveling all the snow out of your driveway a very tiresome and annoying thing to do.

This video shows a simple but genius life hack that everyone needs to know. Joshua Jordan had most of the snow outside his house in West Virginia, but he had come up with a creative idea to handle it. Instead of digging through the snow with a shovel, he preferred doing it the very old-fashioned way – with his own hands!

You need to watch how he rolls the snow off his lawn to make a passage from his front door to the street. It is not only much more efficient but you can have pretty much of fun while rolling the snow. With this genius winter hack, you will make sure that the snow won’t get you down.

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