All Hope Was Lost On Their Ailing Son Until This Dog Came Along. What A Miracle!

At 6 years of age, Caleb Howard was involved in a tragic car accident which left him with some serious brain injury and with broken bones. Not even his parents where sure of his recovery or the time he was to take to get well. It was much worse since the heartbroken parents could not monitor his progress so easily.

When it was suggested that a therapy dog named Colonel was to step in and assist the boy, everyone welcomed the idea. This video features the way Caleb and Colonel relate. Immediately Colonel came into the family, Caleb was able to make drastic improvements and everyone was able to see the resulting changes.

Through playing with the dog, Caleb was able to control his hands. After some time, he was able to gain some mobility since he could accompany the dog when going for short walks and his life become more active than before.

With the therapy dog around him, he was able to discover the joy he had always missed in his life. His improvements caught the doctors and his parents by surprise since no one expected the special dog to make such a difference within the short period.

This video was uploaded on YouTube back in 2009 yet its powerful message has not faded away. Surely, dogs are angels which are sent to live with us! Please SHARE this emotional story!


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