Although Injured, This Soldier Lifts Up His Hand For A Salute And Shocks Everyone!

Joshua Hargis, a Cpl. aged 24 years old was among the squad of 14 soldiers that were injured in Afghanistan during a night encounter, leading him to losing his legs.

After being impaired, he was granted a Purple Heart medal in a small ceremony that took place while he was still hospitalized. Taylor, his wife, photographed him wrapped in a red, blue and white blanket. All those who were present at the room thought that he was unconscious, but at that moment, he got his arm and raised it up in a spectacular salute, that he surprised the world.

She uploaded the salute photo that got popular within a short period of time. Below at the photo, she put it down that Josh had resisted the doctor’s force to keep his arm down, and raised it for a salute.

Joshua got full recovery while at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, TX. The following video that was shot five months later after the famous salute, shows Josh taking a walk to demonstrate the solidarity that exists between the family and the soldiers. For him to complete the 10 miles beside Taylor, he had to use a hand cycle. What an amazing man!

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