Amazing Experiment On How Photographers Can Produce Six People From One Person!

Have you ever taken time to wonder what a portrait really is, and what we observe when we look at it? This is a tricky question because it is the person who was taken the photo that is standing in front of the camera, and looking back at it. This is why it is complex to give the appropriate explanation as many concepts tend to emerge.

Even though that is the case, photographers know these concepts better than us. To hit the nail on the head, what we really observe in an image, and it’s nothing but what the photographer wants us to see and understand. To demonstrate this philosophy, Canon decided to do an experiment in which the mission was to find out what really happens and a man was taken photos by 6 different photographers

The surprising thing is that the one man that was being photographed, was able to create six different people. This experiment conducted by Canon just explains to us how the photographers can portray what they really want us to know.

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