Amazing Response Of An 81-Year-Old Veteran’s Heartbreaking Call To 911

One really feels not only good but useful when he gets to be of help to a needy fellow, just like what this teenager did with her so called birthday money.

After spending a number of months in hospital suffering from stroke and cancer, the 81-year-old Blackmon returned to his house, knowing that he really needed help for not having something to eat in the empty home. Quickly, he dialed 911, the only number of which he could receive a response. The Fayetteville, NC resident asked Marilyn Hinson, a 911 dispatcher if someone could be of help and buy him some groceries from the store.

All he needed was something to eat and could not do anything to assist himself. He explained that he was not in a position to leave his chair and did not have the ability to do anything. It was now Hinson’s time to respond to the need of the hungry poor fellow since she had equally faced the same calamity and never wished it to happen to anyone.

When she arrived with two officers from Fayetteville, she had with her some ham sandwich, popcorn, soda and some canned beets. The supply was enough to support the poor guy for a number of days.

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