An 8 Year-Old-Boy Does Something That Shocked The Nation. The Result? So Moving!

The 8 year old boy in this clip had gone for lunch with his family at the Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Luckily, this young boy found a $ 20 bill in the parking lot. He was really excited and he had nothing particular in mind to do with it. At first he thought of buying a video game, but he realized that there is something better than that. What made him change his mind was the soldier in uniform who had entered the restaurant nearly the same time as his family.

The boy looked at the soldier and he immediately remembered his dad who was a soldier and he never got a chance of seeing him since he died five weeks after his son was born. This boy describes how he imagines his father would be. In his mind, he thinks his father would be a nice, loving and caring kind of person. He takes the $ 20 and wraps it in a note. The cutest part comes when he writes a note to the soldier. His words are very touching and he seems to be thanking the soldiers for their wonderful service. What a bright kid!

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