An Andie Case’s Mashup That Will Topple You Over! Watch This!

Andie Case who doubles as a songwriter and a singer is just trying to break into the growing entertainment industry. Her fans love her for her cool and hearty vocals. Besides writing and singing her own hits, this songbird from Seattle, Washington, has cultivated an impressive following with her creative mashups of various pop hits. This video shows one of her great features, with her doing a mix of ‘I Want You To Want Me’, a pop classic by Cheap Trick (1979), and ‘Want To Want Me’ by Jason Derulo. When you watch this video, bring along a sad person to impress!

The video is set in a car, with Andie and two other guys – a driver and a guitarist. These two guys are also great with their vocals, adding flavor to Andie’s. They join her to sing the piece and they all come up with a stunning and harmonious flow as their nice voices blend to produce a moving performance.

This clip blew me away, and you’ll want to give these people a thumps up by the time it hits the last mark. This is just so great you might want to rewind!

Enjoy and let’s know what your take on this cover is. You might want to SHARE this!

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