An Anesthesia Patient Gets Flirty And Begins Planning Her Wedding. It Is So Funny!

Never underestimate the powerful effects of anesthesia. Patients under anesthesia say the craziest things.

In the footage below, the patient is on some medications after breaking her arm. The girl gets flirty with her nurse, Luke.

The patient declares her undying love for Luke, and she is already planning a wedding from the hospital bed.

Luke looks flustered as the girl proclaims they will make the cutest couple. The girl tells Luke she loves him and he should love her right back. Luke tries to explain that they just met. The girl insists on getting married in a chapel in Las Vegas.

Luke jokes about the video going viral. All along, the kind-hearted Luke is sweet with her. When the patient gets scared about being dizzy, Luke reassures her. A few minutes later, the patient goes back to planning their wedding.

Watch the video and see how Luke handles the proposal. We wish a quick recovery to the young lady.

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