An Applicant Freaks Out During A Job Interview. What She Noticed? Terrible!

Feeling uncomfortable and nervous in a job interview is very common. For sure, it is quite difficult to be comfortable as one tries to direct his or her attention towards the interviewer. As usual, the interviewee will always try to create a good impression. When one comes across some form of nerve wracking interruption while trying to focus on the interview, an individual may end up doing something unwillingly. The same scenario is seen in this clip.

In most interviews, applicants are normally recorded by cameras that are hidden in such a way that the interviewee cannot see them. In this case, the applicants noticed something horrifying outside the window. They began panicking and freaked out. Surprisingly, it was a new prank that had been planned by the ultra-reality television. At some point I really feel sorry for these applicants for having undergone such an ordeal. Regardless of that, the video is totally cool and very funny. Some individuals say that this is somehow cruel. Do you have the same or a different opinion?

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