An Old Woman Sheds Tears Of Joy… The Reason? So Touching!

Most individuals do their jobs since they want to gain something out of them by the end of the day. There are some individuals who are concerned about the comfort and care of their clients. They can even go ahead to provide for their necessities and make them more comfortable. Jared Axen is one of them. He works within the Valencia hospital found in California and he not only distributes medications to the patients but he also sings for the patients.

Currently, Jared’s story has gone viral over the internet. His concern for his patients has made him to win the hearts of many people. Axen does not stick to his normal routine of giving out medications, switching on the television and leaving the room – he offers an extra service that is quite amazing. He is fond of holding the patients’ hands while he sings wonderful songs to them. Due to his amazing songs, the patients normally end up shedding tears of joy as they listen to him. Watch this clip to see how Jared made an elderly woman cry joyfully.

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