An Ultrasound Photo Is Enough To Send Grandpa To Another World – OMG!

Grandparents love grandkids. Grandpa Reid is no exception. Leann and her husband paid Grandpa Reid a visit in September 2015. They had great news. Leann’s grandfather was not aware of the fact that Leann was expecting twins. She knew Grandpa Reid’s reaction would be priceless…and boy! She was right.

In the video, granddad-to-be is shocked when Leann hands him the ultrasound photo at first. At first, Grandpa does not even recognize that there are two babies. He sobs like a baby. He evens lets out a certain invective term. He is super excited. Who can blame him? He is going to be a great-granddad after all.

It is a reaction you do not want to miss. It is hilarious and will certainly wet your eyes. It is not a usual occurrence for a rough and tumble man to show his softer side like Grandpa Reid.

In February 2016, Leann gave birth to two beautiful girls. Reid is one proud great grandpa. You bet he cried after seeing the twins.

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