Army Veteran Receives A Surprise from “The Rock.” Adorable!

We all know “The Rock” since his days a professional wrestler. Dwayne has since become a successful mogul, actor and movie producer. However, his humility and loyalty to his fans have remained his trademark.

The celebrated Hollywood celebrity honors and appreciated the sacrifices American troops are making. Dwayne told Jimmy Fallon, The Tonight Show, that it would be a nice gesture to give back to the troops. The troops have sacrificed their lives to protect the citizens.

Dwayne and Jimmy decided to surprise Karina. Karina is an army veteran. Karina and her husband met in Iraq; she was deployed there, and he worked with the Air Force.

Todd. Karina’s husband is a master sergeant in the Air Force. Todd has been away for the last one and a half years.

The Rock heard how good Karina was and he decided to surprise her. In collaboration with Jimmy, they staged a surprise for her. The duo brought Todd home and surprised Karina on the show.

All along, Karina had no idea who was standing behind her!

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