At 85 Years, She Starts Doing Yoga After Living With Hunched Back For Years- Unbelievable!

Once in a while, you, or someone close, might have suffered from chronic pain- sure, it’s the worst thing that occurs in one’s life. So it seems like it will never end, but if lucky to end, you will always worry for its come back. In line with this, if it ends, would you do some yoga? Ooh, here is an amazing clip and real life experience for you.

Anna Pesce, an 85-year-old grandmother, has been suffering from chronic pain. Worth noting is, for years, Anna had constant throbs which were as a result of a combination of scoliosis, herniated disc as well osteoporosis.

Along with this, Anna’ life changed to sitting in a wheelchair where she would be carried both up and down along the stairs. In a bid to transform from her hunched back condition, Anna would seek medical attention from chiropractors, acupuncturists as well as back specialists. However, the aforementioned was all in vain until Anna made her mind and attempted yoga.

What! She began her trial, with the first poses being painful. However, with time and practice, Anna got stronger and limbered. Ooooh, she even began to understand the poses that could help her out of the condition. Did I mention that within two months, Anna had transformed- she now would stand once again- what a joy to her?

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