At Second Grade, This Kid Is Already Recording Cool Stuff. Did I Miss Something?!

Here’s the 7-year-old celeb that’s about to teach you a lot of things.

When you think of a seven-year-old doing things, you think of crayons meeting some manila papers or a small person running around the playground, but this time round, you’re wrong about someone.

Jordan Bijan is a kid, but not the average kid. When you see what this young man can do at his young age, you’ll understand that Jordan isn’t in the league of the average Joes and naughty Johnnies.  Besides composing a song, you’ll also get to know that this is a second grade kid who can make a band of his own and record the kind of a hit song that’ll throw you to the floor.

That’s not all. Jordan plays all the instruments he wants in his song all by himself, and he comes up with what you can describe as the perfect harmony that’ll make you wonder just how he does it. When all the pieces are bundled together, it’s feel-good time!

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