Attention! Here’s A Small Arm Of The Military That Tends To Beat Everyone Else. I’m At Ease!

If you have seen the Silent Drill at work, then you know what real honor looks like. If you haven’t, then you’re about to. It’s just as simple as scooping all the top sports in the world, from military prowess to precision skills in ceremonial gatherings. That’s our military for you.

The Silent Drill is a special group – a Navy’s unit of elite sailors that represents the US Navy in presidential and international ceremonies. They showcase their skills in a drive to boost the image of the country’s military. This unit came into being in 1931, and it’s been going from success to success ever since.

In this video, you get to watch what these smart guys did in Norway when they got invited to take part in an international competition. It’s worth noting that these troops went up against some of the best elite military units in the world, including those from NATO countries.

However, when it comes to comparing the Silent Drill with others, you just can’t even start thinking. When there’s a question about who the winner should be, your guess is as good as everybody’s.

The Silent Drill went to Norway, and they won the top spot. How they did it? You’ll have to see for yourself and nod. You’ll want to SHARE this video with your Facebook friends. It’s just too awesome!

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