Baby Almost Died When He Fell Off High Bridge.. Now Watch His Mom’s Next Move.. OMG!

There are so many videos and stories being told out there about people saving kids’ lives, but this one tops them all. You can’t imagine what it must be like for this mom!

23-year-old Jennifer Duncan was driving in Texas when she came across an accident. She had to pull over. Being a caring mom, she didn’t want to leave her son in the car as she waited outside, so she took 8-month-old Daniel in her arms and stepped out of the car. She had no idea what was about to happen!

A car just came out from nowhere, crashing into her and her son and sending them flying off the bridge. As they made the fall, Jennifer made a split-second decision. She wasn’t going to let her dear baby fall. She grabbed him, held him tight and shielded him with her own body. She fell hard, but the baby was okay. They both survived, but the mom had extensive injuries that put her in a hospital for a month. She’s still a hero!

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