Baby Born With Encephalocele Benefits From An Innovative Surgical Procedure

After baby Bentley had been diagnosed with a hole in his skull, doctors’ nurses and his parents prepared for his death. His parents, Dustin and Sierra Yoder did not buy any supplies, and the nurses did not clean or even weigh him. There was no hope of surviving.

Bentley suffered from encephalocele. It is a fatal birth defect that causes the brain to protrude outside of a hole in a skull. Baby Bentley was a miracle baby. He survived.

With only a few hours to live, the level of optimism was dangerously low. The doctors told the couple nothing much would be done to save his life.

Little Bentley had his plans. The little fighter lived longer the doctors had anticipated.

Dr. John Maera at Boston Children’s Hospital saved his life. He told them their baby had hope. The good doctor printed a 3D model of the baby’s brain. He devised a way of opening the skull to create room for the brain. At seven months, Bentley underwent the surgery, and he survived.

Although his development is delayed, his parents never gave up on him. Sierra would later tell STAT News that he is not sure how their baby will turn out, but they are counting every milestone as a blessing.

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