Baby Elephant Calls Her Mom To Help Her Get Into A Tub, But Instead Mom Does This… Amazing!

Mothers in the human world are not perfect, the same applies to animals too. However hard they will try to take care of their young ones, there will be something that they will not attain.

The clip below features a one year old elephant called Navann. When she spotted a tub with water, she knew that it would be fun having some cool time by dipping herself in and flashing some water.

Navann is actually a baby, and baby elephants are just as playful as the kittens, but he was too big to fit in the tub!

She tried her best to get water to her back but it was proving to be hard. I don’t know why she wants to get into the tub yet there was a pool nearby where she would easily dip herself in. seeing that she would not make it, she calls for her mom to assist her!

This time round, mother Navann was not willing to help her child, for issues best known to her. She in fact got the tub and pulled it away making her young one to stagger for stability and nearly falling down!

To my opinion, the mom decided to react like this because it seems that Navann had already given her mum a lot of headache from the beginning of the day. But the good news is that both the mom and the kid elephant are well taken care off in their new sanctuary.

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