Baby Panda Decides To Be Stubborn When He Sees His Caretakers. So Funny!

Whoever came up with the idea of building zoos, must have been a genius. I say this because of two main reasons. First, it is because most of the animals that occupy them are those that have been rescued either from poachers or death because they became orphans at a tender age. The second and most important reason to me is that these animals give us a change to know them well and make our day by just watching them play around.

The clip below was filmed in a Japanese zoo. In it we meet a baby panda who will surely make your day with what he does. When his caretakers take him out for some training, the baby panda is not ready to learn their way, but wants to do everything in his own style. While many other animals will fear to slide down a ditch, the baby panda seems to find it more that interesting. Once inside the ditch, he makes an attempt to get out of it but never succeeds. When the caretaker goes for him, he voluntarily accepts but when he remembers that he is being naughty, he lets off himself and falls in the ditch in a funny manner.

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