Baby sneezes, mom can’t believe her ears when he opens his mouth and says 2 words

We can all agree that babies are adorable. It’s a pleasure to watch them make their way through life, from their first hiccup to their first word or when they start to walk or crawl. Put simply, every little thing they do seems wonderful!

That’s why there’s nothing strange about the fact that this mom took out her phone and began filming when she realized that her son had an interesting reaction to his sneezes.

After babies have eaten they usually sneeze to clear their airways, making it easier to breathe. That was the case for little Gabriel here. He had sneezed a few times in a row and his parents noticed that he always said two words afterwards. You’ve got to see this!

The clip has already been viewed over 3000 times, and it isn’t hard to understand why. As his father writes: “it’s hard not to love this!”.

This clip really brightened my day!

Take a look for yourself:

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