Back In 1928, A Stranger Attacked Her, But What Happened 80 Years Later Is A True Miracle. Watch!

Minka Disbrow was 16 when she was assaulted and raped. In 1928, Minka and her friend were in the woods for a picnic when the tragedy struck.

Minka kept mute about her attack till her body started changing. Her belly started protruding. Since Minka was young, she did not know she was pregnant. Her mother did the explaining.

When Minka was due, she was taken to a young women’s home. She delivered a baby girl, Betty Jane, in secret.

Minka put up her daughter for adoption. However, she felt the connection between them when she held baby Jane in her hands.

Several decades later, Minka followed up on her daughter. Minka loved Betty Jane, and she prayed for her always.

80 years later, Minka asked God to allow her to see her biological daughter before she died. She also made a vow not to interrupt Betty’s life or bother her.

Minka’s prayer was answered. She received a call from her 77-year old daughter when the judge released the adoption papers.

The mother-daughter reunion will move you to tears. You do not have to be religious to share Minka’s joy.

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