Be Aware Of This When Using Our Airports, No Need To Be Sorry!

We normally trust those who work at the airport checkpoints. Nobody imagines that their belongings will be tampered with as they leave them and wait for them at the other end. Despite that, back in 2012 it was reported by ABC News that some passengers lost their belongings and as a result 381 TSA officers lost their jobs.

The exposé below was prepared by Brian Ross, a reporter, and its results are disappointing and eye-opening at the same time.

He did his research across the country in 10 major airports.  He carried along bags that had cash and $600 iPads. He could deliberately leave the iPads at the TSA checkpoints in order to see how they will be handled by the security staff.

In 9/10 airports, the luggage was well handled and it could go past the checking points. Then he noted something in Orlando. His iPad went missing and was never filed as a missing property. Despite reporting, it was not found.

After tracking the iPad on the same night, it was found 30 miles from the point where it got lost. One TSA officer had taken it home.  The clip has recorded the officer’s reaction to the accusation.

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