Bear Gets Excited In A Pool After Being Freed From A Cage For The First Time Ever!

There is no question that animals are the most amazing creatures in this mother planet. I really don’t know how the world would have been without their presence. But sometimes, it is very painful to see majority of animals being mistreated and hunted down for a mere traditional myth that they are medicinal. For instance, the elephants are killed because of their tusks, Rhinos too are being killed due to their horns, which is believed to be possessing some healing powers. To be realistic and factual, the horns of a rhino are composed of keratin, which is the same substance we have in our nails and hair. Some animals like the Asian Black bear is not killed of medicine, but it is captured and kept under bad conditions because of its bile.

Actually, there bears that are caught are kept in cages which are just slightly bigger than their bodies, so as to get the bile from their bodies while still alive.

In the clip below, we see a bear that was saved from a farm that drains bile from them. It was the very first time that the bear had the chance of stepping out of the cage. Just watch how the bear becomes more than excited when he enters a pool of water.

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