Better Late Than Never, Here Is A Life-Lesson That Will Make You Save Lives!

Fact: Everybody has a past that he or she wishes to change!

One of the things that we really don’t desire to occur to us is losing a loved one. In the following video, the Road Safety Authority of Ireland, warns us against carelessness while on the roads.

In “It Can Wait;” a title of a popular video produced by AT&T, we realize how only a message fully transforms a person’s life. As for me, I won’t risk texting a message while driving, because I am very much aware of people who have died due to taking a glance at the phone, but the uncertain thing that occurs in this video, makes me absolutely mortified.

Research shows that apart from the phone being one of the distracting features while driving, children are in fact 12 times more dangerous than the phone. This is true as children cannot be put mute when they decide to scream or do something crazy.

The following heart touching video yet a sad one, is about the pain one woman experienced in her former life that wishes she never had the things done that way. The final part of the footage, we see a retrospective as this woman was a mother staring at her little kid.

This made me have chills up my spine, since the video drives the message home without much work.

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