Big Dogs Intimidated By Cats. What Happens? Watch It Out!

As usual, everyone knows that if he or she cannot outdo the big dogs, it is good to relax and keep distance. These dogs get distracted easily with any animal that passes near them, especially the cats. Everyone knows there has been an inborn hatred between these two animals. For instance, these big dogs might stop chasing a porch and immediately change their way to go for a cat or kitten. In such a case the kitten would be disadvantaged since it does not always have enough skills to fight back.

This collection shows how the big dogs can be frightened by their usual tiny enemies. It is really interesting how some cats would fight back regardless of their tiny size. In most cases, the cats outdo the dogs by using a simple trick. Guess it! They scratch the dogs on their noses. Amazingly the dog cannot withstand the pain. What a funny thing!

In this clip, we see some dogs that were brave enough to surpass the cats. For sure these dogs need to be awarded just because of their bravery. What do you think?

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