Biker Encounters Some Unpleasant Mom Behavior, And Then He Reveals This Online… Thumbs Up!

Luc Perreault is a biker, and he’s also a great dad of two. He likes to wear a beard and has tattoos. He also drinks beer, but none of that makes him any less of a nice dad. In fact his kids love him to the moon and back!




But not everyone seems to see Luc’s bright side. One day, he went out to test-drive his mom’s bike, but then he decided to pop into a coffee shop and grab something. That’s when it happened. So the big guy walks into Tim Horton’s restaurant, Canada, and then there’s a little girl with her mom in there.


Well, Luc happens to always stand out in a crowd, so the girl saw him and wanted to say “hi,” and she did. Luc replied with a smile and a “hello,” but the girl’s mom was agitated by the exchange. Apparently, she literally dragged her girl away and sternly warned her that “they don’t talk to dirty bikers.” What?!


Well, Luc is a smart guy, and he knew he had to do something about this, so he went online and wrote a really touching message to the rude woman. You’ll have to agree with it all. It’s just perfect. In his expression, Luc lets that rude mom know that even if they don’t like him, he would still be in the front-line to save them if ever they ran into trouble. Such a message!

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