Blind Mother Cooks And Cares For Her Three Children Like A Normal Woman! WOW!

Nicole is a woman in her 30s and resides with her husband and three children in Utah. The problem with her is that she is blind.

Even though she only stays at home and takes care of her kids while totally blind, her condition doesn’t prevent her from doing what she likes best; cooking. When Brandon, her husband has gone to work, he does all he can to find the ingredients for her to cook through video chat. Actually he sees for her, and he tells her how big the kids have become.

Formerly, she wasn’t blind. She lost her sight in 2001, a year after her marriage. It all started when she started having regular headaches and a problem in speech. She was told to be having a bacteria in her brain. Later she went into a coma and when she woke up after 2 weeks, she started to walk. The bacteria began disturbing her again. This time it made her blind. Although blind, she and her husband never gave up the decision of bearing children and carry a normal life like other people. She confessed that blindness was not going to hinder her from being happy. As per her opinion, preparing food and a family get together during supper time, offers her the joy and the feeling of being normal.

The medics refer her to be a walking miracle.

Apart from cooking at home, she has a cooking blog that motivates many mothers out there. Any idea that she has is put down by Brandon. She said that all she attempts to do is to make people aware of her story. She claims that she has been offered the chance to assist others who are facing hard times, and also teach the moms how to cook.

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