Boy Stops A Crowd In A Busy Station Then A Girl Sneaks Behind Him… Mind-blowing!

In March 2011, commuters from the Central Railway Station Sydney had a huge surprise in store.  A teenage boy caught the unsuspecting commuters by surprise.

A teenage boy, dressed in black, makes his way to the railway station. He stands in the middle of the crowd and does something that dazes the crowd.

In the footage, the boy starts a traditional Irish dance. Some of the commuters stand and stare. A few minutes later, a girl joins in the dance. The once-busy railway station turns into a dance arena. Some of the commuters join in, including students. They seem to be enjoying the dance, and the commuters watch in awe.  It was a show of a lifetime.

It was an excellent surprise to start St. Paddy’s Day. Watch the video and see the young dancers entertaining the commuters. What did you think of the surprise dance? Can you pull that stunt?  Share your opinions and comments below.

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