Boyfriend Catches Everyone Off-guard With His Way Of Proposing. OMG!

As Courtney and Alan went through the same high school, they had no idea what fate had in store for them, but that’s until they later came to meet at a wedding ceremony and things happened. The two fell for each other!

Life went on as the lovebirds nurtured their love, until Alan decided to change things. He wanted to take their relationship a step forward, so he decided to propose to her. And what better place to do it if not the same school they studied at? Interestingly, Courtney had gone on to become the dance coach at that same school. Wow!

The video highlights that incredibly electrified moment when Alan sets his plan in motion at a dancing competition at the school. He had already arranged with the dancers and let them into his little secret. Even the head of the competition was all in the loop, but Courtney was in the dark. Now look out for that moment when she gets taken aside and things start happening behind her back. She’s overjoyed!

You must want to know what her answer is. Check out the full video here and get it all. If this strikes a chord in you, SHARE it on Facebook!


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