Brave Woman With Lymphoedema Steps In Front Of The Camera

We all know that getting through puberty can be a difficult time for many of teenagers. Meagan was going through a tough time because of the medical condition she had. She had a condition of the lymph system that causes fluids to accumulate in her right leg. This made her face constant bullying at school. She even had some cruel kids nickname her “Michelin Man,” it was tough to be honest, she confided in a friend.

To deal with this emotional trauma she was undergoing because of her leg, she decided to never wear anything that revealed her right leg. She dated by simply making sure she would not expose her leg to her boyfriend. That meant doing a lot of indoor dates most of the time. Her boyfriend never had any idea that she was suffering emotional trauma because of her leg. She also went as far as to write a suicide note to her father when she felt it was too much.

Then in 2006, she made up her mind to start the fight against this condition. She started to do professional modeling, not covering her leg anymore. This was in a bid to help other girls not to suffer in silence. She wanted to help them know that any human who didn’t cared about their difficult condition, was not worth paying attention to. She also wanted to encourage people to support those who had such conditions, by accepting them, or even investing in getting a cure.

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