Breast Cancer Survivors Are Getting Tattooed For One Wonderful Reason, WOW!

Warning: the video below contains emotional photos that contain mastectomy scars and constructed breasts!

There is nothing so bad like to have this terrible disease known as cancer, because sometimes to save you, the doctors need to remove some part of your body which is infected. The clip below highlights a professional tattoo artist in his efforts that are dedicated to abolishing the sorrow that some of the survivors of breast cancer have by tattooing them with wonderful designs.

Actually, the aim of founding was to seek and find an alternative for the women that had to be cut their breasts because of cancer. This organization was started by Noel Franus when his sister in law lost her breast and instead of looking for a plastic surgeon, they went to so that she would be provided with nice and wonderful tattoos that would cover her whole chest since she had mastectomies. The aim of tattooing them is to declare them cancer survivors who bravely fought the disease.

Until now, the organization has done more than 50 mastectomy tattoos, and it is continuing to spread all over North America. To date, there are 10 pre-screened tattoo artists all over North America.

You need to see how these artists totally change the scar into warrior marks by watching the clip below and please SHARE it to all your family and friends on Facebook!


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