Bride And Her Bridesmaids Astonish Everyone By Breaking To A Dance! So Lovely!

There are some events that we human beings consider very crucial in our lives and we never really want something to go wrong on the very day, or even get a surprise.

After a long time of planning, it is certain that leaving something unplanned on your wedding day is not advisable, but always there is a chance of the unexpected happening. Those involved always try their best to ensure all goes well.

A number of people have come up with different ways of ensuring those who attend their wedding get the right kind of entertainment. In the video below, we witness a bride who chose to invite her best friends to a dance on her wedding day.

Colleen C, the new bride, goes straight to the dance floor, where 8 of the bridesmaids join her. All the crowd present including her new husband watched with surprise as these wonderful females made them recall the old good songs from The Spice Girls, The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Rihanna, and Michael Jackson. Also “Barbie Girl” was included in the mix.

To me, this Colleen must have been dreaming for an opportunity like this, which she was fully granted.

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